Outlier Insights

Outlier Insights is the only free newsletter from Wall Street veteran Jason Bodner. Using his 14+ years of experience on the Street, Jason shares how to profit from investment opportunities on our doorstep. Even better, he does this using his own high-tech system that he built to identify big money flows in the markets.

The Machines Manipulating the Markets

After the Federal Reserve announced its latest interest-rate hike, the stock market did something unexpected – it rallied higher. Though we may be tempted to see this as a fluke, Jason Bodner is examining one root cause for this extreme market action…

Why Now Is Not the Time To Sell

Everyone’s heard the maxim, “Buy low, sell high.” Investors usually pile in when everyone is exuberant… which is nearly always the peak. And when markets tank, they often liquidate at the lows. That’s why today, Jason shares the same advice he gave his colleague… And explains why now is not the time to sell…

Our One Near Certainty in This Rough Market

With the stock market so brutal right now, the economic outlook is incredibly murky. And if there’s one thing investors hate, it’s uncertainty. But today, Jason shows us one spot he's certain will reward us in the future... and he'll give us a clue on timing as well.