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Coming up this Wednesday, our founder Jeff Brown is hosting an event that is not to be missed. Markets have looked dismal lately, and many people’s brokerages are getting maimed as stocks drop.

Yet for those who are aware, there’s still a space where we can profit… even in a bear market. Jeff’s found a special kind of investment vehicle most aren’t familiar with. And right now, it “mandates” gains for investors up to $2,300 up-front – with even bigger potential long-term returns to follow.

He’ll share about that in today’s essay… And if you’d like to learn more, be sure to RSVP for this Wednesday night… Go right here to do so for free.

By Jeff Brown, Editor, The Bleeding Edge

Markets have been shaky this year.

Stocks and cryptocurrencies are now firmly in bearish territory. And with good reason: The S&P 500 is down over 23% year to date. The Nasdaq is down more than 32%. Bitcoin has sunk a whopping 56% in 2022.

And our portfolios have been hurting as a result.

Many of us want to just sit out this current volatility… and wait for better times to come. Yet we also have high inflation eating away at our dollars. The latest consumer price index (CPI) numbers came in at 8.6%.

That’s leaving investors on the hunt for any kind of “safe” investment they can find.

So today, I want to tell readers about an opportunity for returns that are as close to guaranteed as I can find…

Going Against the Crowd

To understand the opportunity I see right now, we must understand a key principle. One factor in my success over the years has been finding investments that go against the crowd.

Like perhaps a technology is too early for most people to understand… like 5G wireless networks…

I started writing about 5G back in 2017, long before it began showing up in the mainstream press. Some readers scoffed at my confidence in the 5G revolution.

Some didn’t understand that 5G was more than an incremental improvement. It would be as much as 100 times faster than our 4G wireless networks. And it would cut latency to almost nothing.

Since then, my 5G recommendations are up 49%, 83%, and 85% – even after the recent market pullback.

Or perhaps Wall Street is missing the big picture… failing to see the larger potential of a company.

At a 2016 conference, I presented on NVIDIA, which was largely known as a gaming company at the time. Its graphics processing units (GPUs) were a popular option for gaming laptops.

But I could see a growing field that needed NVIDIA’s GPUs: artificial intelligence (AI).

Wall Street was not accounting for the exponential growth of AI applications in data centers. And investors did not understand that NVIDIA’s products were perfect to accommodate this demand.

Today, NVIDIA’s chips are the workhorses of AI.

Not only that… Summit – one of the world’s fastest supercomputers – uses more than 27,000 NVIDIA GPUs to do its calculations.

Investors who followed my 2016 recommendation could have made as much as 1,700% in the years since.

In these cases, going against the crowd allowed us to profit while the mainstream missed out.

And I believe we’re seeing a similar opportunity emerge right now.

Much like we saw with 5G and AI, a whole new wave of bleeding-edge tech companies is working to usher in life-changing technological innovations.

From bleeding-edge semiconductors… to the next generation of the internet… we have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of some of the most exciting tech trends of this decade.

And that’s why I need to share another opportunity that I’ve been researching…

Bad Headlines Are Good News

Recently, I’ve been following a special opportunity… one that not only has the potential for incredible gains but can let us invest safely in the most exciting tech startups – even in a volatile market.

It’s a special type of deal enabling the most exciting technological trends to reach mass adoption.

Yet if you’ve seen the media talk about these deals, they’ve been using words like “dangerous” or “complicated”… That’s hardly what we like to hear about our investments.

Even Congress has been meeting to try to prevent these deals from being marketed to retail investors. They’d like to restrict them to accredited investors.

And this is where being a contrarian is required…

Because despite the dire headlines, these deals are not something to dismiss. They are as easy to buy as a stock… and critically, they provide contractual obligations that protect our invested capital.

Our elected officials, hedge funds, and the wealthy are all making thousands of dollars from these deals. However, they are actively trying to keep all these deals for themselves.

That means there is little time to waste…

And that’s why I’ve been preparing a very thorough briefing to show us how to benefit from these deals.

I’m calling this event Washington D.C.’s Mandated Money.

And I’d love for all readers to attend on June 22, at 8 p.m. ET.

I truly believe this is the smartest move investors can make today. And I don’t want anyone to miss out.

On that night, I’ll explain what these contrarian investments are… and my strategy for picking the best deals.

So please, go right here to put your name down to attend.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there.


Jeff Brown,
Editor, The Bleeding Edge

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