Bleeding Edge

How We Can Make Decentralized 5G a Reality

This week, I wrote about the blockchain-powered FreedomFi network offering decentralized 5G. I asked whether readers would be interested in participating in the build-out of this exciting new project… and the floodgates opened in response.

Does an Artificial Intelligence Have Rights?

A law professor has spearheaded what he calls the Artificial Inventor Project. The purpose of the project is to file patents in the name of an AI in countries around the world. And many countries are already taking very different approaches to the project’s filings…

We’re Getting in Early on Apple’s Next Big Launch

Apple is one of my all-time favorite tech companies, but at an “expensive” valuation like this, we’re unlikely to double, triple, or 5X our money simply by buying shares of AAPL… So how can investors position themselves to make life-changing gains from Apple’s success? Read on…