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Do You Want to Live Forever on a Blockchain?

One metaverse company is offering users the ability to connect with deceased loved ones using AI-enabled avatars. Jeff Brown suspects that many will be on board with this feature… while many others will find it disturbing. And this begs the question – is an AI “afterlife” healthy for our wellbeing?

How Archegos Capital Failed

Investor Bill Hwang grew his own wealth from $1.5 billion to $35 billion in the span of just one year, amounting to the largest hedge fund in the world in 2021. But all that came crashing down when his long con was exposed last year...

Elon Musk Can Fix Twitter

Twitter’s board was finally “forced” to capitulate to Elon Musk… And here’s why his acquisition of the social media giant may be his greatest contribution yet…

Temporary Feelings… Permanent Decisions

Investors have many chances to lose. But we also have rare power – we choose when we lose. Paper losses are only realized once we choose to sell. Many times, the most hurtful losses are the ones when we sell too soon for the wrong reasons. And here’s how to change that…