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A Metaverse Where We Can Live Forever

The popular Somnium metaverse just announced a new feature that allows users to interact with AI-enabled versions of their loved ones after they pass away. This begs the question... Would we choose to “live forever?"

Scientists Make New Particle Physics Discovery

The Standard Model of particle physics has explained how electromagnetic forces interact since the '70s. Of course, it isn't perfect, and it doesn't explain how things like dark matter and dark energy work. However, new research may shed light on these mysterious phenomena... and that could change the future of clean energy as we know it…

Why The Government Won’t Ban Bitcoin

A coming “crypto panic” is on its way. Only a handful of people know about it, and it’s guaranteed to happen… no matter what. While this could be the biggest crypto event of this decade, Teeka is set to prepare you for it – with a special briefing tonight.

How to Profit From “Whale Spotting”

The biggest investors take days, even weeks, to build or dissolve a position… And they try to keep their trades as quiet as possible because once everyone knows, they can take advantage of the situation. I know this because it was my job to do these trades for big investors for years. So here’s exactly how it works…

We’ll See Commercial Supersonic Flights This Decade

Technology has evolved to an incredible degree. We have composite materials and the ability to 3D print parts for engines that would have been impossible 30 years ago. All of these factors positively impact the economics of supersonic, and hypersonic flight. And Jeff is 100% certain that we’re going to see regular commercial service of supersonic flights within this...