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TSMC Expands to the U.S. and Japan

There is a great recalibration of the world’s manufacturing infrastructure underway. After decades of centralizing in one region of the world, we are witnessing a swing back to a distributed, decentralized manufacturing infrastructure closer to where key customers are located.

Tim Berners-Lee’s New Internet

It’s a simple idea, but one that’s hard to implement. It’s also an idea that big tech and governments hate as it erodes their control over the unfettered information that “they” all want access to. That’s clearly a sign that Berners-Lee is onto a good thing.

Don’t Bet Against Elon Musk

In this weekly mailbag edition, readers inquire about Apple’s savings account and Elon Musk’s chances of creating a successful competitor of OpenAI. Then, Senior Blockchain Analyst Andrew Hodges discusses a project making crypto transactions faster and cheaper…

Why One of the Godfathers of AI Left Google

The latest developments in AI led Geoffrey Hinton, one of the “Godfathers of AI,” to resign his position from Alphabet (Google). This comes as quite a surprise given how important his role has been at the company. What’s interesting though are his reasons for leaving. And those reasons are also telling…

Don’t Pull a Chegg

When a CEO makes a broad, sweeping statement claiming that a competitive technology won’t be “right anytime soon,” which is clearly not substantiated and the opposite of what is known to be true… the company is in trouble.

China’s Next Move on Taiwan

Mid-April, China conducted three days of military activities targeting Taiwan. Those activities included encircling Taiwan and even practicing ship launched airstrikes from the Eastern side of Taiwan (the side opposite mainland China). Of course, I’m sure we’d all like to think that it was “no big deal” and these were just routine miliary readiness drills… But they weren’t.