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Tesla Announces the “Optimus” Humanoid Robot

At Tesla’s recent AI Day, Elon Musk revealed the company’s first big bet in the robotics space – a humanoid robot codenamed “Optimus.” Now, the announcement has been met with plenty of skepticism in the media. But don’t buy into it – Tesla’s new robot is sure to be a gamechanger in the years to come…

How We Profit From “Trading in the Dark”

Imagine I have an investment thesis in a stock that is thinly traded. I manage billions of bucks, so when I want to take a position, it’s got to be meaningful. If I can’t go out and just buy some stock – because there might not be enough volume to support the quantity I need to buy – I...

How We Can Thrive in a Cashless Society

Once the U.S. government formally launches its own digital currency, we’ll see all paper bills and coinage gradually removed from the system. Out of the many questions this raises, one reader is wondering… How will we transact without physical money in a disaster situation?

Why the Mainstream Was So Wrong on Crypto

Back when Teeka Tiwari first recommended bitcoin, so-called “experts” were more than happy to tell him he was making a mistake. But now that the crypto market has exploded, Teeka has been able to bring massive gains to his readers. And right now, he’s making yet another recommendation to capitalize on what he calls the coming crypto “hyperboom”…