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The Yale Club Meeting

What areas of our lives have not been changed by internet technology? If we were to make a list, it would probably be a small one. It will be the exact same phenomenon with blockchain technology.

Cybersecurity Firm Nozomi Networks Receives CIA Funding

It’s no surprise that the CIA is investing in an early stage cybersecurity company after the series of hacks we’ve seen over the past two years. And make no mistake, this investment signals an even larger leap taking place in cybersecurity infrastructure that we’ll see play out over the next decade…

The Surprising Conclusion to the Poly Network Hack

Last week’s Poly Network hack resulted in the theft of over $611 million worth of digital tokens. While most of the funds have been returned, the hacker is still holding the private keys for a large amount of the stolen – and Poly Network is considering a surprising move to get access to those keys…