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Higher Rates Means Volatile Stocks for Some Time

Powell did leave the door open to smaller hikes in the months ahead. But my working assumption is we should expect fifty basis points (increase of 0.5%) hikes in December and January. As a result, we should position our portfolios for a tough few months leading into the first quarter of next year.

The Crypto Crash Deepens as FTX Implodes

Just days after CoinDesk raised questions surrounding FTX’s solvency, the crypto exchange – and its cryptocurrency FTT – have collapsed and sent the crypto markets spiraling, signaling a black swan event no one saw coming…

Elon Musk Brings Freedom of Speech Back to Twitter

Since taking ownership of Twitter on October 27, Elon Musk has already announced several changes to the social media platform – including a revamp of its blue-check authentication, mass layoffs, and, most controversially, permitting thoughts and opinions that were previously banned. Agree with those decisions or not, there’s no denying Musk has been busy…

Nuclear Fusion Will Power the Clean Energy Revolution

Despite many developed nations promising to adopt clean energy policies, countries are increasingly becoming reliant on “dirty” fuel sources like coal and wood to generate electricity once more. Seems hypocritical, considering these same countries are meeting for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference this week…