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A.I. Will Transform the Way We Educate

A.I. technology will democratize access to education on a global scale, including higher education. This is most certainly seen as a threat by those who benefit from the “old way” of doing things. But this is an exciting time, as it is inevitable that advanced A.I. will become part of the process of learning

This Recession Indicator is Flashing

This chart shows the difference – or “spread” – in yields on the 10-year Treasury note and the 3-month T-bill. Normally, the yield curve is positive. The further out in time a bond matures, the higher its yield will be. This rewards investors for the extra time risk.

SpaceX Ignites the Aerospace Industry

The number of successful launches that SpaceX completed last year shows just how dominant the company has become in the aerospace industry – and how it’s “igniting” the modern space race that started back in 2019.