Van’s Note: Van here, Jeff Brown’s managing editor. Markets are incredibly volatile right now. And in times like these, rational voices are more important than ever. That’s why we’re bringing you this essay from friend and colleague Teeka Tiwari today.

Teeka knows that many investors just want to play defense right now. But he sees a buying opportunity right now that he doesn’t want readers to miss. Below, he shares why this is such a big opportunity and what you can do to prepare…

By Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Daily

It feels like the world is burning around us.

Markets are crashing. A global recession appears imminent. And fear is running rampant.

Right now, I’m guessing your top priority is to protect what you have: your family, your health, and your wealth.

If you’re like most people, you have no interest in doing anything other than hunkering down, focusing on the essentials, and riding out the storm.

I get it. I really do.

But today, I’m going to ask you to do something really difficult… You won’t want to do it. You might even hate me for asking you to do it. But I don’t care.

What I have to tell you is too important for your financial future.

Today, I am asking you to go on the offense… I’m asking you to make a move that could alter the course of your family’s fortunes forever.

I’m talking about the opportunity to make the kind of money that changes your life virtually overnight.

I know the last thing you want to do right now is think about making money. At times like these, your natural response is to go 100% defensive.

But you’ll be making the biggest mistake of your life if you give into your fears. You will be soaked in a lifetime of regret if you don’t take action.

Here’s why…

While global financial markets burn to the ground… while gold and bitcoin fall off a cliff… a tiny subsector of the crypto market is getting ready to explode in value. But no one is paying attention because the world is gripped with fear over the coronavirus.

This story of emerging explosive growth in the crypto market cannot wait. There’s a timetable outside of anyone’s control. And we are steadily counting down to it. The last time this scheduled event happened was four years ago.

Back then, no one wanted to hear about crypto. And yet I put my professional reputation on the line and pounded the table in my e-letter – and several other publications – for everyone to add a little crypto to their portfolios.

For the fortunate few who listened to me, this advice made them life-changing wealth. Back in 2016, I helped my subscribers take small starting stakes of a few hundred dollars and turn them into upwards of $1 million.

Today, in the midst of all this broad market carnage, I come to you again, pounding the table to buy crypto. But not just any crypto…

There are five tiny coins hidden in the crypto market right now that I believe have the ability to make you as much as $5 million from investments of just $500 into each.

Can I guarantee that? Of course not. But what I can guarantee is that the same conditions that were in place back in 2016 are lining up exactly the same way today.

And tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll show you the proof. Once you see the details and hear from the experts, you’ll have a feel for how you can take a few $500 investments and potentially reap upwards of $5 million.

I want you to join me tonight, at 8 p.m., and make up your own mind. You decide if I’m crazy… or if I may have just discovered what could be the biggest turning point in your financial life.

All I ask is that you hear me out. It’s free to attend, so you have nothing to lose… but potentially everything to gain.

Let me put the facts in front of you. And you make the decision if you really can turn a handful of $500 investments into as much as $5 million.

If you have even a 1% inkling to attend this briefing and get involved with my five coins, I want you to get prepared ahead of time. That way, you’ll be ready to act as others wait on the sidelines in fear.

Here are the steps I want you to take today to get ready:

Step 1:

  • Buy some bitcoin.

  • You will need some bitcoin first to purchase the five coins I’ll be recommending.

  • You can buy bitcoin on either or

Step 2:

  • Open an account on the Bittrex exchange and CoinSwitch.

Step 3:

  • Move some bitcoin from your Coinbase or Gemini account to Bittrex, in preparation for my event tonight.

  • CoinSwitch will let you exchange your bitcoin for tokens. So you can’t hold bitcoin there in advance. But it’ll let you instantly swap bitcoin for other tokens once you know what they are.

If you don’t know how to take these steps, click here. We’ve just put together a brand-new series of free videos that show you how to open these accounts, purchase bitcoin, and transfer it to an exchange.

To be clear, you don’t need to put any more than $500 into each of my five ideas. So be rational with how much you put into these accounts ahead of my event tonight.

If we see what I think we will, it’ll be more than enough money to alter the direction of your financial life forever.

During 2016, my best-performing coin rose from 12 cents to $200. A $500 investment in that coin would have been worth as much as $833,000. That’s the kind of opportunity in front of you today.

Friends, you must act on the steps I listed above now. Even if you end up not moving ahead with me, you can always convert your bitcoin back into dollars on the platforms you buy it on. I just want you to be ready… Because the last time I recommended five coins, they rose 353% within 24 hours.

So please make sure you join me tonight. And then, go to our free Training Videos to make sure you’re ready for what I am calling “The Final Five” – the five tiny coins I believe can make you as much as $5 million starting with just $500 in each.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. Immediately after my buy recommendations, we often see an initial price spike. We understand this can be frustrating. But don’t worry. This is par for the course in the cryptocurrency space.

Most of the time, the recommendation falls back below our buy-up-to price. Use a limit order. Just be patient, and let the price come to you.

Remember, sign up here for my free event. And then make sure to watch my Training Videos. Then, go open up your accounts, fund them, and join me tonight, where you’ll learn how to get all the details on my 5 Coins to $5 Million: The Final Five event.

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