Bleeding Edge

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My Biggest Investing Regret

For today’s issue, Jeff is trying something different… He’s sharing some of his personal experiences as an investor, including the biggest investing mistake he ever made… and how it shaped his perspective on investing in general.

EV Makers Face Rising Battery Costs

Incredible progress was being made in the cost of electric vehicle battery manufacturing, but this year has thrown a wrench into the industry’s targets. Needless to say, this is the wrong direction and will only increase the sticker price of EVs… but Tesla has an advantage in this regard.

Google Warns Quantum Computing Puts Our Data at Risk

Executives at Google are warning that encrypted data being sent today is already at risk of not only being stolen, but decrypted through the use of quantum computers. And they're not talking about something several years down the road… We're on the verge of quantum computers rendering our current security standards obsolete.