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Today, he’ll share about a technology trend that’s seeing a major tailwind… what that means for us as investors… and how we can prepare to profit in this new industrial revolution.

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Notice anything strange about this truck?

Einride Autonomous Truck

Source: TechCrunch

There’s no cab.

It’s just like a pod with cargo space attached to it. It may look odd, but this design makes perfect sense…

Other autonomous trucking companies out there have attempted to retrofit normal semi-trailers with self-driving technology… But Swedish company Einride went a different route – it produced a completely new cab-less design.

These trucks recently went live in the United States at General Electric’s 750-acre campus in Louisville, Kentucky. And they’re a sign of the future… and a big opportunity for investors who are paying attention…

The Self-Driving Revolution

Most people believe self-driving trucking technology is still two or three or ten years away. But one of the biggest areas of tech we’ll see this year is autonomous technology and artificial intelligence (AI) applied to trucking… because it’s already happening in real-time.

And Einride isn’t the only company moving this technology forward…

Right before Christmas, one of autonomous driving company TuSimple’s semi-trucks drove itself 80 miles from Tucson to Phoenix, AZ.

TuSimple Self-Driving Semi

Source: Barron’s

TuSimple is focused on fully self-driving semi-trucks that can ship goods across the country – no driver necessary, of course.

Its technology allows “pods” of trucks to drive closely in line with each other on the highway, taking advantage of the air stream to reduce fuel consumption. Racing fans will know this as “drafting.”

We aren’t just talking about self-driving on the highway here. That’s become relatively straightforward with today’s technology.

Instead, TuSimple’s truck handled lane changes, on-ramps, off-ramps, and even traffic lights – all on its own.

And most people will be amazed at how quickly this company is growing… In 2021 TuSimple stated it had 6,875 reservations for its self-driving trucks which will start to be delivered in 2024. There’s a lot of demand building up as we speak… More proof of the rampant desire for this technology, heading mainstream.

Even legacy supply chain and fleet management company Ryder is jumping on this trend. Ryder has partnered with Embark, a self-driving startup. They are building out a logistics network of 100 “transfer points” coast-to-coast across the southern U.S.

Ryder will create an entirely new business from these transfer points. It is evolving its business and planning ahead for this inevitable shift.

And there’s one big catalyst pushing this wave of autonomy…

The Road to Autonomy

Companies like Einride, TuSimple, and Ryder are more important than ever given the ongoing labor shortages we are dealing with.

There simply aren’t enough truck drivers to handle all the freight that needs distributing right now… That’s why goods are still piling up at American ports.

Due to the urgency of supply chain issues, this technology is being fast-tracked to an extent most people don’t realize. Companies are adopting this technology because they have to.

Einride, for example, has a command center where humans can monitor and control the trucks.

Einride Truck Monitor at Work

Source: Einride

One truck operator can oversee 10–20 trucks at the same time and assist if a truck needs help. That’s a labor force multiplier.

It’s a fantastic solution to the problems we’re facing.

This labor shortage is the catalyst for what could be the most significant technology trend we will witness in our lifetime…

And once companies realize how much this technology can affect their bottom lines? They’ll never go back.

As a result, I believe we’re standing on one of the biggest investment opportunities of a lifetime. And there’s still a major opportunity hiding in plain sight… 

What This Means for Investors

We are in the beginning stages of the new age of automation. And autonomous trucking is just one piece of the changes we’ll see.

We’re going to experience a massive build-out of next-generation factories that maximize the use of AI, robotics, automation, and machine learning.

And we’ll find automation appearing in almost every area of our lives – at the drive-thru lane at fast-food restaurants… in fields where we grow our food… at the office… and even in our own homes.

It’s a new industrial revolution – and we’re going to see a wave of innovation unleashed.

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