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Today, we want to share a special essay from our friend and colleague from Casey Research. Dave Forest is an investment expert, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. And he has been on the forefront when it comes to telling his readers about clean energy and electric vehicles.

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In the meantime, read on to see not only how Dave got in on the ground floor, but who led him on this journey…

By David Forest, Editor, Strategic Trader

Recently, I discussed how electric vehicles (EVs) hold a universe of profit plays.

But there’s something I haven’t talked about yet…

And that’s how I learned about this incredible opportunity.

It was years ago when I first glimpsed the potential.

I was talking with a man who mentored Steve Jobs.

He’s the one who taught Jobs the mind-bending “reality distortion field” technique. It would go on to become one of Jobs’ most famous qualities while running Apple.

The man I’m talking about also meditated with yogis in India…

… Made a billion-dollar fortune from red earth in the Canadian north…

… Produced the megahit movie Crazy Rich Asians

… Bet big on satellite radio when no one had it…

… Rented the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia for his birthday party…

… Foresaw the electric vehicle revolution years before anyone else did…

And he was sitting in front of me.

This Conversation Led My Subscribers to 867% Average Gains

Actually, it’s more accurate to say I sat in front of him. After all, we were riding his private jet down to the jungles of Colombia.

My head swam.

It wasn’t just the bottles of thousand-dollar wine.

I struggled to take it all in. I thought about all the things leading up to that fateful moment… and marveled at the future this man was describing.

His name is Robert Friedland. He’s a legend.

I was a decade into my career in geology and finance. It took me around the world – and I saw his fingerprints everywhere.

Myanmar, Mongolia, or Missouri… wherever I went, whatever the investment angle, locals told me, “Oh yes, Robert Friedland was here looking at that.”

That sounds like an exaggeration.

It’s not.

Robert’s prolific life shaped modern finance. If you don’t believe me, read Steve Jobs’ 2011 biography.

The book discusses Robert in several places. It shows he had a formative impact on Jobs and Apple. Biographer Walter Isaacson even says Jobs – usually cool and collected – grew flustered at the mention of Robert’s name.

I don’t blame him. Robert’s a commanding figure.

He’s the best public speaker I’ve seen. Crowds instantly become entranced, cult-like.

He changed my life, too.

But back to the jet…

Robert invested in one of my projects: a Colombian gold and copper mine. He wanted to see it. As Chief Operating Officer, I escorted him.

We spent a full week together. He talked, and I listened.

He outlined a future I’d never dreamed of.

Most investors in my Colombia project loved the gold. Bullion prices were soaring – and I controlled one of the biggest deposits in the world.

Robert had a completely different view…

He saw the future of technology.

Few knew it back then, but Robert had just made a huge discovery. In deep Africa, his team traveled to a no-man’s-land, dug deep into the earth, and found the most precious commodity on earth.


The Future Is Electric

Robert found copper metal. His Africa treasure trove is big enough to make over 900 million miles of electrical wire. That’s enough to wrap around the Earth 37,000 times.

No one understood how big this was. I didn’t when he first told me about it.

Then, he predicted the future – years before it all came true.

He said the future was electric. The rising trend of climate and environmental concern would change everything. A great opportunity lay in capturing, moving, and using clean energy. It would power a new industrial revolution.

His vision was deep. He hired elite scientists around the world – specialists in new forms of electricity. Away from the public eye, he built a tech giant with next-generation power.

His words captivated me. It seemed like a great science fiction story – exotic, yet somehow familiar. It was like something pulling at the edges of reality.

But it wasn’t fiction… And Robert had the chops to back up his ideas.

For example, he made one of his many fortunes investing in satellite radio back when everyone still flipped dials. He also saw potential in bridging Hollywood and China – and turned a microbudget film into the blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians.

In the end, I never forgot the things he told me that week…

Multiplying Fortunes With the EV Revolution

Now, his ideas are breaking out all over the world… in trillion-dollar waves.

Last year, Robert described them as the “start of an unprecedented and revolutionary cycle driven by the rise of green energy and electrification of everything from a bus, to a skateboard, and a Vespa.”

He’s multiplying his fortune by preparing for the EV revolution.

And I want you to join me in joining him.

Maybe you think you’ve missed the boat. I don’t blame you… Every day, we’re hearing more and more about electric vehicles, next-generation power, and the trillions of dollars in supporting industries.

But Robert cuts through all that with one simple phrase. “Soon,” he says, “you’re going to need a telescope to see these stocks.”

Let me show you why, yet again, he’s right on the money, and how you can grab a piece of this fortune.

Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Strategic Trader

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