Editor’s Note: Brownstone Research’s parent company – Legacy Research – has parted ways with Jeff Brown. We are excited to introduce the new editor of The Bleeding Edge, Colin Tedards. For the past two decades, Colin has been an investor, business owner, and the host of an investing channel with more than 125,000 subscribers. Today, he will introduce himself to readers and share important changes coming to Brownstone Research and The Bleeding Edge.

Dear Reader,

Today, my 125,000 followers know me through my various media channels where I break down the biggest opportunities in the tech sector and beyond.

But I didn’t set out to be a publisher of investment research. It’s been an interesting road these past few decades.

In 2006, I opened a clothing store. By 2008, the economy was crashing, and I had to close my business.

But I wasn’t going to resign myself to being a victim.

That’s why I taught myself how to code and build a website.

I became familiar with the likes of Amazon, Google, eBay, and Facebook as a business owner.

After building and selling several websites, I knew I needed to make my money work for me.

My interest in investing started in 1999, when I bought my first stock. But until 2008, I didn’t have much money to invest.

I began my investing journey where most people do… by watching the talking heads on CNBC and searching the web for investment advice.

More often than not, I only heard about a stock after its big move.

That’s when I set out to do my own independent research.

I ignored the headlines and fast-talking CEOs. I turned my attention to the balance sheet… boots-on-the-ground market research… and finding the C-suite teams that had a track record of building businesses.

But success didn’t come overnight.

My First 10X Winner

My first big payoff came in 2016 when I locked in a 900% gain on a once-tiny logistics company. It was only a penny stock when I first bought it. But I saw that a new CEO was taking over… and he had the experience to transform the business.

I bought my current home in California with the profits from that investment.

At the request of friends and family, I started sharing my investment research online so that they could follow along.

By 2021, I helped my readers lock in a 3,181% gain on The Joint Corp (JYNT), a network of chiropractic clinics.

It took three years for this investment to play out. But I had the conviction to hold it because I drove thousands of miles visiting chiropractic clinics to see for myself that The Joint had an edge over the competition.

Since then, I’ve correctly called rallies in Enphase, Getty Images, and Amazon… and I’ve warned folks to stay out of Under Armour, Rivian, Intel, and Zoom before major drawdowns.

But my most important call was urging readers to get back into the market in September 2022, just days before the market bottom in October.

The S&P 500 is up 14% since my call. But that’s only the start of a much larger rally.

I see a major trend taking shape that will boost corporate profits over the coming years.

It’ll start with a handful of early adopters of a powerful new technology… before adoption cascades across the entire business world.

Every day, my team and I are going to bring you insights into this powerful new tech and other breakthroughs. We’ll show you ways to profit from these trends long before these stories break on mainstream media.

And there are other exciting developments you should expect in the days ahead…

Earned Every Day

I understand that – for longtime readers – this transition may come as a surprise. My ideas and analysis will be different from what you have grown accustomed to.

I agreed to take the reins of Brownstone Research knowing one thing: Trust is never given; it is earned.

My commitment to you is to begin earning your trust starting today.

As I said, before joining Brownstone Research, I was the owner and host of an investing channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. And I’m happy to say that – over the years – my subscribers grew to trust me and my work.

It didn’t come easy…

It wasn’t because I’m a nice guy (although, I think I am) or because I had a large following.

Trust does not come from some magical number of subscribers or the company logo in the lobby. It only comes from doing consistently good work, and by being forthright when you get it wrong.

It took years of consistent, positive results and hard work to earn the trust of my subscribers. That is the only way trust is built. It is the only way it is ever built.

My goal is to begin earning that trust from you, The Bleeding Edge subscriber. And it starts today.

I thank you for being a reader. And I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.


Colin Tedards
Editor, The Bleeding Edge