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Colin Tedards

Born and raised just 1 hour east of the Silicon Valley in California, Colin Tedards made his first $1,000 investment in 1999.

He went on to study business at California State University, Stanislaus with a focus on Economics and Business Management. After college, he opened a small retail store in 2006. Just 2 years later during the great recession he lost it all.

Colin then taught himself how to code and spent the next several years building and selling numerous successful websites. During the stock market crash of 2008/09 Colin made several key investments in the stock market. In 2016 he was able to sell the shares he bought during the market crash to buy a house in California with his wife Annie. 

In 2014, Colin started writing as an analyst for the financial website Seeking Alpha. Focusing primarily on micro-cap companies early on, Colin made notable calls on Full House Resorts, LogicMark, The Joint, and Upland Software. In 2023 Colin’s buy ratings of Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Getty Images have returned market beating returns. 

In 2016, Colin started publishing investment videos, reaching over 10 million viewers worldwide. His notable calls include Enphase Energy, Intel, Meta, Plug Power, Palantir, and Lucid. In 2022 Colin was quick to identify the market correction and just weeks before the October 2022 lows suggested his viewers resume buying stocks again. 

Colin is in his 10th year volunteering at a local grade school where he teaches a stock market class to junior high students. He still enjoys coding websites and studying web design trends. He is an avid fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, LA Lakers, and San Francisco Giants.

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