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The Biotech Stock on My Buy List

Biotech giant Moderna’s stock traded flat for much of 2019. But then in late February, the pandemic changed everything – and it suddenly thrust Moderna and a handful of essential biotech stocks into the national spotlight…

We’re in Phase 2 of the 5G Rollout

Once every 10 years, the world goes through a major wireless infrastructure build-out. In the 2020s, it has been the revolutionary build-out of 5G wireless networks. And now we’re firmly in the next profitable phase of 5G adoption…

The IRS Won’t Confiscate Your Cryptos

The IRS recently confiscated a crypto wallet worth billions that was linked to notorious Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. This news might make some crypto holders nervous that the government is cracking down… but there are two big reasons I’m not concerned.