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The Next Shoe to Drop – First Republic

This isn’t a normally functioning market. This isn’t healthy. And it is going to get worse. FRC is just a snapshot of how bad things are. There are hundreds of other regional banks that are at risk of a similar liquidity crisis. Money continues to flee for money market funds and the safety of megabanks.

Are Alphabet’s Days Numbered?

The innovation that spurned from the team behind a single research paper at Google is incredible. Just seven individuals directly related to tens of billions of dollars of value created. And Google failed to keep them in-house. 

Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

If SpaceX was able to get to 39 kilometers in altitude with six less operational rocket engines on a test launch, just imagine what will happen the next time around. And that’s the point. The reason that SpaceX was able to transform the aerospace industry was because it was willing to test and fail early.

Jeff Clark Predicts Market Turmoil Ahead

This is the most urgent warning of my career. A 44-day market-wide crash hangs over the horizon. It’s set to begin on April 24. During this time, we could see hundreds of stocks crash across the market. Last April, when this strange anomaly hit the market, 1,662 stocks began to crash in a nightmare that lasted 44 days.

The Hottest New Job in Tech Is…

Considering that the work is in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), this doesn’t seem possible. It would be natural to assume that we’d need a computer science degree at a minimum. But we don’t.

Private AI Semiconductors Are Booming

With the companies behind this amazing technology raising massive venture capital (VC) rounds now valued in the billions, there is an absolute gold rush in the tech industry to build and monetize the next great generative AI products and services... And to do that, we need more servers running on GPUs.