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Today, we’re bringing you a special essay from our friend and colleague Teeka Tiwari. As we all know, stocks have been extremely volatile lately due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine and soaring inflation in the U.S…

But Teeka believes this doesn’t mean we should give up on our quest to make life-changing investments and forgo opportunities in the markets.

Teeka shares exactly what we need to focus on to not only protect our wealth, but to grow it – even in these market conditions. This opportunity can be used to protect our capital from the current volatility… while also positioning ourselves for huge upside when we eventually enter a more favorable market environment.

To go more in-depth, Teeka will be holding a special briefing where he’ll expand on all the details of this opportunity tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

All the details, below…

The older I get and the more world events I go through, the less impact they have on me.

I know that sounds dismissive… especially when so many Americans are struggling due to geopolitical and global economic crises outside of their control.

But if you’ve been in the market for more than 30 years like I have, you’ve pretty much seen everything.

I started on Wall Street when I was 18. From there, I spent three decades moving from trainee to broker… to money manager… to eventually running my own hedge fund.

And for the last nine years, I’ve helped build what is arguably the industry’s largest and most successful financial newsletter.

So what I’m about to give you is the benefit of 30 years of financial wisdom. And that is: Tough times don’t last… Tough people do.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Right now, I’m seeing unparalleled opportunities in the market.

Fear and uncertainty have led to huge price drops on quality crypto projects. And volatility is creating enormous discounts on some world-class tech stocks.

If you have the fortitude to act when everyone else is scared, you stand a chance to make a fortune when the market recovers.

We’ve Been Here Before

I know there’s a lot of fear right now that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to World War III or even a nuclear war… But my belief is the conflict will stay regional.

I grew up in England during the height of the Cold War in the 1970s and 80s. And I believe the threat of nuclear war was much higher back then than it is today.

Generally, I don’t talk politics in the Daily. But here’s my take on what’s happening in Europe…

I believe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goal is to keep NATO from further encroaching on Russia’s borders.

Several former Soviet republics are already NATO members. And he wants to keep Ukraine – the second-largest former Soviet Republic after Russia – out of the alliance.

I’m no geopolitical expert. But I believe that’s Putin’s endgame. He doesn’t want to turn this into a wider conflict or a nuclear war. Nobody wants that.

Now, I don’t want to minimize what’s happening to the people of Ukraine, either. It’s a human tragedy. And I pray it ends soon.

But we’ve seen leaders invade countries before and rattle global markets.

In 1991, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait to seize its oil fields, sparking the First Gulf War. Oil prices doubled virtually overnight.

The market plunged as much as 30% during the conflict. But it soon recovered and went on to new highs. So we’ve seen this play out before.

I see a massive rally ahead. But once the current uncertainty is behind us, we’ll still have volatility in equities and crypto while things work themselves out.

And at times like these, it’s easy to overlook the life-changing opportunities outside the public markets.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today…

The Hidden Opportunity in America’s Heartland

We’ve seen the U.S. and its allies place unprecedented sanctions on Russia.

Last week, President Biden issued an order banning Russian oil imports to the United States.

Gas prices were already skyrocketing due to record-high inflation. And in the short term, the ban on Russian oil will likely send them higher.

I know it’s painful. Especially with prices on everything else going up.

But fortunately, the country’s brightest minds are starting to take U.S. energy independence into their own hands.

And recently, my team uncovered a tiny company in the American heartland creating a revolutionary energy breakthrough.

Led by a legendary engineer and CEO, this company says it’s found a way to produce environmentally sound oil – without drilling and fracking.

And it can do so at a cheaper cost than anywhere else in the world

Ultimately, we believe private companies like the one we’ve found could offset some of the banned oil imports from Russia.

So it’s no surprise a Wall Street powerhouse has already written a check to become the largest shareholder in it.

This firm’s deals are some of the most profitable opportunities of the past 150 years, including gains of 47x, 100x, and 159x.

And for the first time, you can get a seat at the table on the same terms as one of the largest, most powerful banking firms in the world.

That’s why tonight, at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding my first-ever U.S. Energy Independence Summit.

During this special briefing, I’ll reveal details about this tiny company making shock waves in high finance.

I’ll also tell you which Wall Street giant has its backing (you’ll be surprised). Most importantly, I’ll show us how to back this company… while it’s still private.

That’s the beauty of this opportunity.

It’s a private company. So it’s not affected by the volatility we’re seeing in the broad market.

You can use it to protect your capital from the current volatility… while positioning yourself for huge upside when it eventually goes public in a more favorable market environment.

Right now, you can get into it at $1.25 per share. And you don’t need to be an accredited investor. However, as with all private companies, shares are strictly limited.

One of the last private deals I recommended sold out in 12 hours. I expect this deal could go even faster. So click here to reserve your seat today.

Friends, I know times are tough out there.

But remember: Tough times don’t last… Tough people do.

Things will eventually improve. And you’ll see significantly higher asset prices as we exit the current state of uncertainty.

I wish I could give you a date when that’s going to happen. I don’t have one. But when you own great assets, time is your friend. It’s working in your favor.

And in an environment, like we’re in right now… you especially want to own private companies that can help you withstand volatility.

So click here to reserve your seat. And let me show you how you can turn these tough times into exceptional opportunities.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily