Editor’s Note: We aren’t the only ones with our thumb on the pulse of the AI boom underway… and how you can profit.

That’s why, today, we’re sharing an insight from colleague and former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka predicted the AI boom in 2015, years before it went mainstream. And he recommended shares of AI chipmaker Nvidia to his subscribers when it was still trading cheaply.

And now he’s discovered another way to play the AI boom.

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Today’s artificial intelligence (“AI”) boom reminds me of 1995.

The first website had launched four years earlier. But you still had to use a dial-up modem to get online.

Connection speeds were so slow that web pages were just text and basic graphics.

I was working on Wall Street at the time. And I remember pitching an internet startup to an investor.

We went to an internet café to go online and test it out.

But it was a massive flop.

After fiddling around with a website, he looked up at me and told me, “I can’t invest in this. There’s nothing here!”

I said, “You’re right! But this technology is going to change the world. You’re just seeing the first stages. In a few years, everything we buy will be over the internet.”

People couldn’t grasp that back then. They couldn’t grasp the revolutionary and groundbreaking potential of the internet.

What they needed to see was a catalyst for mass adoption.

And on August 9, 1995, that spark ignited.

Netscape’s Browser Was a Gamechanger

That’s when Netscape had its IPO and made shares available to regular investors for the first time.

Nine months earlier, the company had released Netscape Navigator 1.0. It wasn’t the first Web browser. But it made the World Wide Web accessible to non-geeks for the first time.

And it changed everything…

By the end of 1996, the number of Web users had leaped from 16 million to 36 million – a 125% jump. Five years later, 500 million people were online.

Netscape Navigator was the Big Bang moment for the boom that followed.

It thrust the internet into the mainstream… It ignited the dot-com craze from 1995 to 2000… And it was the dawn of the Internet Age we’re living in today.

The “Netscape moment” triggered $5 trillion of investor capital to flow into internet stocks in the second half of the 1990s.

And it showed Wall Street could make billions in an entirely new industry.

It’s too late to profit from that boom. But right now, you have an even bigger opportunity.

AI is having its Netscape moment. And the profits that will follow will be even bigger than those investors made during the internet boom.

It started with the launch of AI chatbot ChatGPT last November…

AI’s Netscape Moment Is Here

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot.

It’s read vast tracts of the internet. And it uses what it’s learned to answer questions and write articles, social media posts, emails, and resumes… or even pass legal and medical exams.

I’ve been banging the drum on AI for years.

As I wrote in December 2015, when I recommended AI chipmaker to my subscribers…

In the same way that the computer defined the latter half of the 20th century, the 21st century will be defined by artificial intelligence.

I’ve never found a company that possessed the ability to go up as much as Nvidia will. It’s poised to become the next tech giant because of its pioneering work in the field of AI.

Since then, Nvidia is up about 5,200%. And subscribers who acted on my recommendation have been richly rewarded.

But I couldn’t foresee that AI would have a serious flaw. And based on my research, Elon Musk has the solution…

Is AI Going Woke?

It’s down to the company behind ChatGPT – OpenAI.

Elon was one of the company’s co-founders and a member of its board of directors.

But in 2018, he left because he didn’t like the direction the other partners were taking the company.

And it’s not hard to see why.

ChatGPT has come under fire for giving a lot of wrong answers and being politically biased.

Some have even called it a “woke AI.”

And Elon has said, “The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly.”

ChatGPT refuses to promote the use of fossil fuels. It makes offensive jokes about men but not women.

The app also praises President Joe Biden but won’t make positive remarks about former President Donald Trump.

That’s why Elon is working on a new AI project. He’s on a mission to create a better version of ChatGPT. And I don’t doubt that he’ll succeed.

He developed a computer “brain” that can drive a car – a highly complex endeavor. That gives him a huge advantage against his competitors.

As he put it, “I don’t think there’s anyone even close to Tesla on solving real-world AI.”

Simply said, he’s the most qualified person in the world to launch a new AI project. But for that project to take off, it needs specialized computer chips.

That’s where my latest recommendation comes in. It’s a company that makes some of the most advanced AI chips in the world. And it supplies Tesla with a key piece of AI tech that makes self-driving cars possible.

Friends, I believe Elon Musk will win this AI race and make a lot of people rich… just like he did with PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla.

And if you can invest in the company supplying his project before mainstream investors catch on, you’ll be set up to profit from AI’s Netscape Moment.

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