Colin’s note: Today’s insight comes from our colleague and former hedge fund manager, Larry Benedict.

Larry’s no stranger to profiting through volatility. He once went two decades without a losing year at his hedge fund… And that includes through the financial crisis of 2008.

And his latest strategy deals in one of the most volatile assets around… Bitcoin. For the past 18 months, Larry has shown investors how to profit from Bitcoin’s swings… without buying, selling, or holding an actual Bitcoin.

Larry has found a different way to play the ups and downs of the crypto market… And tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET, he’s hosting an event where he’ll reveal how he’s combining his strategy with the power of artificial intelligence to seize even more opportunities to profit from Bitcoin.

You can go here to sign up for Larry’s event… Then read on below for more from Larry on his strategy for profiting from Bitcoin’s bull run…

If you don’t know about Bitcoin’s latest bull run, then you haven’t been paying attention.

From September to mid-January, Bitcoin has soared by more than 62%.

Some of the excitement was due to anticipation of the SEC approving a Bitcoin spot ETF (which finally happened on January 10). That will offer easy ownership of Bitcoin from a typical brokerage account.

Others are looking at the upcoming “halving” as a catalyst for growth. (Halvings decrease the Bitcoin supply, which grows demand.)

And still, others look at the impact of the Fed finishing its rate hikes, making risk-on assets like crypto more appealing for their potential returns.

So you might be looking at Bitcoin and licking your chops, wanting to get in on the surge.

I don’t recommend buying it, however…

Sure, these dynamics could continue to support Bitcoin’s rally.

But it’s important not to get caught up in a hype cycle.

The recent run-up has likely priced in much of these tailwinds already.

And as previous Bitcoin winters have shown, you don’t want to get caught at the peak.

That’s why I profit from Bitcoin in a totally different way… one where I’m not concerned about whether Bitcoin will soar or plunge.

We make money no matter what Bitcoin price action we see.

Even better, using my strategy, we can bring in bigger returns than just buying or selling Bitcoin directly.

And right now, I believe it’s a better way to play this rally…

Don’t Stress the Bitcoin Swings

You don’t have to look very far back in time to know how quickly Bitcoin can reverse course.

In 2021, the crypto hit new all-time highs at $68,789. Yet it then proceeded to drop more than 75% in about a year.

And current prices at writing are still roughly 30% off that peak even with the recent run-up.

That’s not even looking at the previous crypto setbacks, like when the price of Bitcoin fell 80% back in 2018.

That’s some incredible volatility. Yet for many diehard fans, the equally dramatic surges make up for these kinds of plummets.

So if you have the stomach to handle those kinds of rollercoaster moves, then go ahead and invest.

But the method I’ve found for profiting means I can still sleep well at night no matter what Bitcoin is doing. I profit from the up moves… and the down ones.

In fact, reversals and swings can provide some of the best opportunities for my strategy.

Even better, you don’t need to have a crypto wallet or exchange account with all the complex passwords and risks of hacking.

You can take part with just your standard brokerage account.

And using my strategy, traders have had the chance to beat Bitcoin’s returns by 6-to-1… 9-to-1… and even 22-to-1.

That translates into potential returns like $4,898 in as little as a week. Do it over and over again, and you can seriously grow your account over time.

That’s why I call this method “Bitcoin skimming.” We’re regularly profiting from Bitcoin’s moves without directly holding a single coin.

Plus, there’s one element that’s supercharging the opportunity before us…

Get Ready for Your First Skim

A setup involving Bitcoin miners and artificial intelligence (“AI”) ensures that “Bitcoin skimming” will remain exciting in the year ahead.

Artificial intelligence is supercharging many industries by improving efficiency and automating tasks. And the crypto-sphere in particular is going to experience changes due to this technology in 2024.

That’s why I’m preparing a special briefing tomorrow to unveil exactly how it all works… And I’d like to invite you to join me.

Tomorrow night, January 24, at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll go into all the details.

I’ll explain bitcoin skimming… and the exact strategy I’ve developed over 18 months.

I’ll cover the coming changes due to AI, and how that’s offering us even more opportunities to potentially earn thousands in as little as a week

And I’ll break down how you can be ready for your first skim as early as the next day.

So whether you’re a major fan of Bitcoin… or have never touched a single crypto, make sure to mark January 24 on your calendar.

And then go right here to make sure you’ve saved your spot for this event.

I’ll see you there!


Larry Benedict
Editor, Trading With Larry Benedict