Colin’s note: About 15 years ago, I invested in a tiny company in the transportation sector.

I bought when it was just a penny stock… But under the guidance of a storied CEO with a track record of building multimillion-dollar companies, the company thrived.

So much so that I bought my house with the profit I made when I sold just a few years later.

I likely wouldn’t be sitting in the house I’m in now… wouldn’t have been financially ready to start my family when I did… wouldn’t have pursued a career in finance if it wasn’t for this man. He changed my life. And I’ve been waiting for him to make his next move.

Now, that day has come… And I’m certain this will be one of the best microcap stocks you can buy over the next few years.

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What’s going on investors? Colin Tedards here. Today, I’ve got a really exciting microcap company I want to tell you about.

Now I want to be clear about this one… No one told me to make this video. No one from the company I’m talking about today is paying me to tell you about it. I don’t have any affiliation with this stock.

In fact, it’d be better if I didn’t tell everyone about this opportunity and saved it for myself, or my paying subscribers, instead.

I’m here to tell you about this stock because the man who just took over this company changed my life forever.

If it wasn’t for the CEO I’m going to tell you about today… I wouldn’t be sitting in the house I’m in now.

And I probably wouldn’t have pursued a career in finance.

As crazy as it may sound, I might not even have a family right now if it wasn’t for this man. That’s how instrumental he has been in my life.

I’ve been patiently waiting and hoping for him to make his next move. Now, that day has come… And I’m certain this will be one of the best microcap stocks you can buy over the next few years.

Let me explain.

Let’s flashback to about 15 years ago. I had just closed a clothing and collectibles store I was running with my brother. I was pretty much broke. But I had a plan for how I was going to turn my financial future around.

I had some inventory I was selling on eBay to keep the lights on. And I had taught myself how to code computers during my free time at the shop. So I was ready to make that my new career.

My brother and I were living together at the time. He had to take a job that had him working 60 hours per week. He would come home exhausted and say “Colin, I just want to sit around and make money.”

I told him not to worry, we were going to set up websites that earn money from advertising and invest that money in the stock market.

The market was tanking at the time due to the Great Financial Crisis. Everyone thought I was crazy… including my family and friends.

But I knew making money from website advertising and investing it in the stock market was going to work.

The websites I was working on started making money pretty quickly. Soon we had enough money to pay our bills and invest. My brother even quit his job. He still earns a living from the websites we set up 15 years ago.

But here’s where things get exciting.

One of the companies I invested in early on was a little-known transportation company called Express-1.

The economy was completely crap in 2008–2009, but I believed the recovery would start with transportation – or the trucking industry.

Express-1 was simply a broker – a middleman – connecting truck drivers with customers who needed goods shipped.

The company was well run financially. It could survive the downturn. And if it needed capital, the plummeting interest rates at the time meant it could borrow if need be.

But this is where everything changed… not only for Express-1 but for me financially.

A man named Brad Jacobs announced he was investing $150 million and taking over as Chairman and CEO of Express-1, which he renamed XPO.

Jacobs has a remarkable track record of building multibillion-dollar companies.

In 1989 he founded United Waste Systems, eight years later he sold that business to Waste Management for $2.5 billion.

Without skipping a beat, that same year, Jacobs founded United Rentals. It’s now the largest tool rental company in the world worth more than $30 billion today.

Jacobs was going to apply the same roll-up strategy he used at his previous billion-dollar ventures to turn XPO into one of the largest freight companies in the world.

When he invested $150 million in XPO in 2011, he said he planned to build a multibillion-dollar transportation brokerage business over the following several years… And that’s exactly what happened.

Today, XPO is worth more than $10 billion. And early investors cashed in huge… myself included. I sold my shares in XPO. It grew from a penny stock to more than $20 when I sold it in 2016. And thanks to that, I was able to buy the house I’m sitting in today.

Without that money – and this house – I’m not sure I would have been financially secure enough to start a family when I did.

XPO shares are now more than $80. But I don’t regret selling when I did. After all, home values have skyrocketed since 2016 as well.

Since then, I’ve wondered if Jacobs would move on from XPO and start a new venture.

And luckily, he has.

Like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement… or Tiger Woods making another miraculous recovery… Brad Jacobs is back.

His strategy involves taking over a tiny little-known company and using leverage to roll up other smaller companies. We’ll likely see it play out over the next few years with this new venture.

Just like with United Waste, United Rentals, and XPO.

I know you’re likely wanting to know what the ticker symbol is… And I’m going to tell you. But first, you must remember this is a speculative investment.

The company has no business model and no revenue. It’s what they call a “blank check” company.

Jacobs bought the smallest company he could find. He’s going to sell all the assets from that company. Then he’ll use his own money, reputation, and experience to raise even more money. Then he’ll buy small companies in a specific sector and roll it up into a larger company.

There’s going to be volatility as he dilutes shareholders to raise capital and award equity to the incoming executives and employees. The shares will be volatile.

In fact, the day Brad Jacobs announced he was going to buy the company shares skyrocketed nearly 300%. That’s how well-known his reputation is.

But the next day, shares were down more than 21% as reality set in.

As with any speculative play, you want to accumulate a small position compared to the blue-chip and retirement stocks you likely own.

But at the end of the day. Brad Jacobs has proven himself time and time again. And I believe he will do it again.

Now, for the big reveal.

The company I’m talking about is SilverSun Technologies (SSNT). But remember, the business model, the company name, and possibly the ticker symbol are all likely to change.

As I said before, Jacobs will use leverage and share dilution to build this business. And I can’t guarantee he’ll be successful this time around.

Inexperienced CEOs can mess up a roll-up strategy pretty easily… But Brad Jacobs is a proven commodity on Wall Street. This has a good chance to be his next multibillion-dollar company.

Hope you enjoyed today’s video. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on his progress as time goes on.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you again soon. I’m Colin Tedards, and this is The Bleeding Edge.