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By Jeff Brown, Editor, The Bleeding Edge

2019 proved to be an incredible year for the U.S. economy and U.S. equity markets. The Nasdaq Composite was up 34% on the year and the S&P 500 was up an impressive 29%.

And this year is going to be even better.

There is such great economic and technological momentum as we enter 2020. This year is also the beginning of a decade that will bring more technological advancements than we have seen in the last 50 years.

We’re going to see manned missions to the Moon and Mars and the beginning of permanent settlements in space.

We’ll see the commercialization of nuclear fusion – zero radiation, zero emissions, and completely clean and limitless energy production.

And, of course, this is great news for investors…

Mark my words. The biggest fortunes this year will be made with tech stocks.

Why am I so confident?

IPO Floodgates

2020 will be the biggest year for initial public offerings since 2001. That’s one of my major predictions for this year.

We will see the largest number of IPO filings. We will see the largest number of initial public offerings. We will see the largest number of technology IPOs. We will see the largest amount of money raised in technology IPOs. All in just the next 12 months.

As I mentioned, for the last decade, record amounts of venture capital and private equity have been invested in the technology sector.

There has been so much money invested that there really wasn’t a need for these technology companies to go public. They were able to stay private for years longer than what used to be normal.

But the time is up.

All that private capital has had its money tied up – in many cases – for more than a decade. And they are asking for an exit so that they can get a return on their invested capital.

That only happens in one of two ways. Either a larger technology company acquires the private company, or the private technology company has an IPO.

Either way, that means that investors will have an opportunity to invest in these bleeding-edge companies for the first time ever.

Couple that with what I believe will be a strong economic market in 2020, and we’re in for an incredible year of technology investing.

And if you’re serious about making money from bleeding-edge technology, one “unloved” sector needs to be on your radar.

The Biggest Breakthrough Since Antibiotics

We’re on the cusp of a complete reordering of health care… and at the very beginning of a major bull run in biotech.

It all has to do with an emerging technology trend called precision medicine.

Let me explain…

These days, we typically wait until we feel sick before we seek medical treatment. Then, we visit a hospital, where our symptoms are treated with varying degrees of success.

Very often, each patient is treated with a “one size fits all” therapy. This approach to medicine is reactionary.

In the very near future, medicine will be proactive and personalized.

We will have our genome – our genetic “blueprint” – sequenced to identify mutations in our genetic code that lead to disease. Then, thanks to genetic editing technology, we’ll be able to fix these mutations – these “typos” – in our DNA.

You will be “cured” before you even feel sick.

And this future is close at hand…

Eye-Opening Progress

In November, I attended a biotechnology conference, the STAT Summit.

One of the most incredible presentations came from Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) CEO Jeffrey Leiden.

Vertex has been working with a company called CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) on a therapy for sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia. Bad mutations in the hemoglobin gene cause these blood disorders. The therapy is CTX001.

Leiden said two patients had been treated with CTX001 so far – one with sickle cell disease and the other with beta thalassemia.

And the results have been phenomenal.

The beta thalassemia patient had not needed a blood transfusion in nine months. This is amazing because patients with this disease typically need blood transfusions every 2–4 weeks.

And the sickle cell patient had not suffered a crisis in four months.

And Leiden stated directly, “We have essentially cured these diseases. We have cracked the biology of sickle cell and beta [thalassemia].”

Of course, it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yet. The next step for Vertex is to expand the clinical trials to another 45 patients. I’m expecting identical results compared to the first two patients.

But going off Leiden’s comments, it appears CRISPR technology has cured these diseases caused by genetic mutations.

What does this mean for investors?

Major Bull Run

Investors need to pay close attention to biotech this year. We’re at the very beginning of a multiyear bull market for the biotech space.

I mean, just think about it…

We have a combination of advanced diagnostic technologies coupled with computer processing power, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. And we have an incredible genetic editing technology called CRISPR.

We also saw record levels of private investments in the biotechnology sector in 2019. This is all going to lead to a multiyear boom in biotech that will really start in 2020.

We will see an explosion of therapies. There will also be a shorter time between drug discovery and FDA approval because of these tools.

We’re going to also have better-quality drugs that will have fewer side effects. And they will be highly personalized for each patient.

And once Wall Street sees this, what is it going to do?

It will invest more in that space because it finally understands what incredible technological advancements are happening.

It’s going to be like dumping fuel on a fire…

One of my favorite companies in this space is Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the company I mentioned above. Readers of my large-cap research service, The Near Future Report, are already up over 50% with Vertex. And this is a company that continues to deliver.

So pay close attention to the tech sector this year. Fortunes will be made by savvy tech investors.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Bleeding Edge

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And I believe “timed stocks” can deliver investors hundreds of thousands of dollars in returns this year.

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I hope to see you there.

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