It’s the most profound technological breakthrough in human history…

And it has the potential to generate trillions of dollars of economic value.

As regular readers may have guessed, I’m talking about artificial intelligence (“AI”).

For the first time in history, computers not only perform tasks we set for them. They can also learn.

That means they can now do many of the tasks only humans could perform. This will lead to an explosion of productivity across the economy.

It will start with Big Tech. They’ll make their own organization more productive using AI. Then they’re going to roll this out to other companies.

And I’m not the only one who’s excited. The leaders of some of the world’s largest companies are, too…

Here’s Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on a recent earnings call…

Every customer I speak with is asking not only how, but how fast they can apply next-generation AI to address the biggest opportunities and challenges they face.

And here’s Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce…

Every CEO I’ve spoken with sees AI as a revolution beginning and ending with the customer, and every CIO [chief information officer] I’ve spoken with wants more productivity, more automation, and more intelligence through using AI.

Google’s Chief Business Officer, Philipp Schindler, said AI is “supercharging” new and existing products.

And Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg said…

The billions of dollars we’ve spent on AI infrastructure are clearly paying off across our ranking and recommendation systems and improving engagement and monetization.

In my 15 years of investing research, I’ve never seen leaders more excited about a new technology.

And they have every right to be. AI holds the power to fundamentally change the way a business operates.

That means it’s setting up to be the most profitable investment trend of decade… perhaps even the century.

And as I’ve been showing you, the best way to do that is to invest in smaller under-the-radar stocks that have the potential to deliver 10-to-1, 20-to-1, 50-to-1, even 100-to-1 or more.

I’ll have more for you on the opportunity in these “AI microcaps” in a moment.

First, please allow me to bludgeon you with more evidence for why you should be paying attention to what’s happening… and acting on my advice.

Productivity Explosion

Top management consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that AI improved output from several roles…

  • Sales productivity increased by 3% to 5%

  • Marketing productivity increased by 5% to 15%

  • Companies saved 10% to 15% on R&D costs

  • Software engineering productivity increased by 20% to 45%

  • Customer service productivity increased by 30% to 45%

To put that in perspective, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says worker productivity increased by 2.1% a year since 1947. And since 2007, that rate of increase has dropped below 1.4% a year.

So, AI has the power to compress decades worth of productivity gains into a single year.

And McKinsey estimates that ChatGPT-like generative AI systems will create $2.6 to $4.4 trillion in value across 63 business use cases.

That’s why C-suite executives can’t stop talking about AI.

Bloomberg tracked the number of times AI was mentioned on earnings calls over the past two years.

As you can see, the number of mentions of AI in the first two quarters of this year is roughly double the number of mentions in the same period last year.

This doesn’t happen every day.

You’d have to go back to the rollout of the commercial internet in the 1990s… the rise of the smartphone and the mobile web in the 2000s… or the adoption of cloud computing in the early 2010s for tech trends with this kind of impact.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to make significant gains on Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and other mega-cap AI plays.

These companies are already so big, they’re not capable of delivering the kind of gains I’m targeting.

But you can still set yourself up for potentially life-changing profits in AI microcaps.

Up to 100x Gains on These AI Microcaps

Some of the world’s top money managers – including the Rothschilds – have already begun building stakes in “AI microcaps.”

Recently, almost two dozen investment firms increased their holdings by between 2x and 6x.

In fact, one of the most famous multibillion-dollar asset managers in the world more than quadrupled its stake.

And these folks know what they’re doing. One AI microcap I’ve been researching could deliver gains as high as 30x.

And that’s just one example.

There are other tiny AI-related companies no one is looking at that have the potential to return as much as 50x, perhaps even 100x, if you know how and where to find them.

That’s why, tomorrow, I’m hosting a free AI investment event – The Nvidia Effect: How to Supersize Your Profits in the Next Phase of the AI Boom.

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So join me tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20, at 8 p.m. ET, and let me show you how you to profit from the next phase of the AI boom.

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Colin Tedards
Editor, The Bleeding Edge