Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Porter Stansberry.

I’m the CEO of MarketWise – the parent company of Brownstone Research. I’m taking the reins today to make a really big announcement… Jeff Brown is back! 

If you know Jeff, you’ll understand why I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to announce his return to Brownstone Research.

I’ve been in investment research for almost 30 years, and there is no one – absolutely no one I’ve ever worked with – as talented as Jeff Brown.

Over the last decade, Jeff has been the very best-performing analyst in the industry. He’s predicted all the major technological trends before Wall Street and before any other analysts caught onto them.

Jeff was early on everything. He recommended Bitcoin at $240 in 2015. Artificial intelligence? Again, way ahead of the pack. Jeff recommended Nvidia at $24 a share in early 2016.

What about autonomous driving? I didn’t think it would ever work. But Jeff recommended Tesla and explained why it was the single most important AI stock to own all the way back in 2018, well before its enormous rise. And to my surprise, Teslas actually do drive themselves now. He was right.

Jeff was also the first analyst anywhere to cover CRISPR genetic editing technology – one of the first biotech companies to go public in that space…

Now, as new technological trends continue to reshape our world, I know there is nobody better to guide you and me than Jeff Brown. He is one of one. He is the single most exceptional thinker about technology I’ve ever met. And what an equity analyst.

With Jeff back at the helm of Brownstone Research, you couldn’t be in a better position to capitalize on the coming tsunami of technological changes – and of course, the investment opportunities that they create.

Now let me explain something to you. Jeff never wanted to leave Brownstone Research or the subscribers – like you – that he spent eight years serving.

His departure was due to disagreements with Legacy Research’s former executive team. That decision – and other poor decisions they made – ultimately led me to fire them and shut down the entire business.

Why did I do that? Well, very simply, their operations did not align with the ethical principles that I require all our employees to live up to.

I understand this decision surprised many of you and even disappointed some of you. It was not made lightly. For those of you who invest your hard-earned money in our research products and in the investments that we recommend, I am committed to the highest possible standards.

And by bringing Jeff Brown back to the company, I am trying to make a huge step forward to earning back your trust and respect. I know that we – Jeff Brown and I – can provide you with world-class investment research. I am absolutely confident that Jeff and his team will enhance your investment knowledge and lead you to investment success.

So please, join me in welcoming Jeff back.


Porter Stansberry

Founder & CEO, MarketWise

In Case You Missed It

We invite you to watch Jeff Brown’s return message to his readers. You can view it right here.


Editor’s Note: We recognize readers may have questions regarding the transition to the new Brownstone Research with Jeff Brown. Our team has prepared some helpful answers right here in our FAQ.

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