Dear Brownstone Reader,

Hello, Jeff Brown here.

I know receiving a message from me might come as a surprise. And it’s probably not what many of you were expecting, but I hope it will bring good news.

As I believe many of my subscribers know by now, due to conflicts with a previous management team, I was asked to leave MarketWise and Brownstone Research in 2023. My last publishing day was June 9 last year, and my last official day was August 26.

While my departure wasn’t my choice, I did leave on good terms with MarketWise after a smooth, six-month transition period.

The hardest part about leaving wasn’t losing my job. It was losing my connection to you, my subscribers, especially during a period of difficult market conditions… caused by the aggressive rise in inflation and interest rates.

I’ve never worked harder than I did during 2022 and the first half of 2023 when things were tough. And the bull market I had been predicting in the second half of 2023, especially in AI-related stocks, happened in force… Unfortunately, without me.

But I didn’t retire. Quite the opposite.

I launched my own research business, kept researching, and published a daily research letter – Outer Limits.

And at the same time, since early this year, I had been speaking with the Chairman and CEO of MarketWise, Porter Stansberry, about my possible return to MarketWise and, of course, Brownstone Research.

And I’m happy to say I’m back. And the people responsible for my departure have all been removed. Which means I’m here to stay.

I’ve been so grateful for all the feedback that was sent in and for those who found me after my departure last year. It was a bit overwhelming. And one of the most common questions was about when I would be able to launch new investment research products, and how I might be able to help out and recognize those who have been past subscribers.

Well, with the help of Porter Stansberry, I believe I have the best solution possible. 

Returning to Brownstone Research enables me to reconnect with all past and present subscribers. I’ll also be able to relaunch successful investment research products, launch new products, and, of course, create even more value for my Brownstone Unlimited subscribers.

And it’s important to note that my role will be a bit different this time. 

In the past, my job was as the lead analyst for Brownstone Research. And while I was the face of the business, I wasn’t running the business. I wasn’t in charge.

But with my return, I’m coming back not only as the lead analyst but also as the publisher – effectively the founder and CEO of Brownstone Research.

I’m even more excited to say I’ve been successful in rebuilding and reuniting my entire team, with some additional new team members, as well. It took some time to get everything in place, and I’m grateful for everyone’s patience. And now, we’re ready to go…

Some of you might be wondering, why bother? Why would I come back?

The answer is pretty simple – it’s you. My motivation comes from my past and present subscribers, and the new subscribers, as well. And it comes from my exceptional team, all of whom wanted to get back at it.

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting time than what’s happening right now. The last 12 months in high tech, specifically in semiconductors and artificial intelligence, have been unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and yet it has been exactly what I had been predicting.

The truth is that I wasn’t on a beach working on my tan over the last year. I wasn’t relaxing either. I was neck-deep in research on AI, semiconductors, robotics, autonomous technology, biotechnology, genetic editing, aerospace technology, nuclear power, the energy markets, commodities, and monetary, fiscal, and economic policy.

I was like my own think tank, scouring the most exciting areas of growth and the dynamics that impact our economy and markets.

We’re on an unbelievable path of technological advancement, and with that comes incredible investment opportunities that we just won’t want to miss. The next five years will be fantastical with the advent of artificial general intelligence.

And that means that my team and I have a lot of work to do to keep everyone informed and knowledgeable about where the biggest opportunities lie.

It may feel daunting to some of us, and also incredibly exciting at the same time. And I plan on sharing that excitement with all of you.

I’ll have plenty more updates to follow with more details in the coming weeks, but for now, please know that we’re back and more excited than ever to add value, and to deliver the kind of compelling and high-quality research that my subscribers are used to.

Thank you for your patience and your support.

We have so much to look forward to.


Jeff Brown
Founder & Publisher, Brownstone Research


Editor’s Note: We recognize Brownstone readers may have questions regarding the transition to the new Brownstone Research with Jeff Brown. Below are some helpful answers.

We welcome all reader questions and feedback. Please write to us here. You may also reach our dedicated Customer Service team at 1-888-493-3156.

  • Why is Jeff Brown coming back now?

Jeff Brown never intended to leave his readers and the business he spent eight years working around the clock to build. His leaving Brownstone Research in 2023 was not up to him and he had no control over it. On June 9, 2023, Jeff was simply told he no longer needed to research or write anymore.

It was a heartbreaking experience for Jeff and his entire team. For Jeff, the most painful part of it wasn’t even getting fired. It was having his connection with his subscribers severed, and at such a rough period in the markets. He and his team were working through the bear market together with subscribers.

Due to contractual obligations, Jeff couldn’t publish anything until after his last official day on August 26, 2023. And when he finally did publish, he had to start from scratch… on his own, outside of Brownstone and Legacy Research. And that’s what he did.

Jeff launched his private research company, Brownridge Research, in October 2023. He never stopped researching and writing in the time since.

In early 2024, MarketWise (the parent company of Legacy/Brownstone Research) fired the previous Legacy Research/Brownstone Research management team, and Jeff entered talks with MarketWise founder and CEO, Porter Stansberry, about returning to MarketWise and rebuilding Brownstone Research. This time not just as an analyst, but as Publisher, which is an executive role responsible for running the overall business.

Jeff was eager to get back in service and reunited with his subscribers. The truth is that he’s coming back to continue where he left off, as he never intended to leave: in the service of his loyal readers. Why is he coming back? It’s for one simple reason: you.

  • Will my subscription change?

Current active subscriptions will continue on schedule, now under Jeff Brown’s purview. There is nothing current subscribers need to do.

Anyone who was a former subscriber who let their paid subscriptions lapse is welcome to contact the Brownstone Customer Service team to inquire about reactivating their subscriptions.

Our customer service representatives have been empowered to honor the original terms of any past members wanting to reactivate their services. We encourage any readers looking to reactivate to contact our customer service department at 888-493-3156 or [email protected].

Given the wave of response from customers upon notice of Jeff’s return, you may experience a delay in reactivating your subscriptions. We appreciate your patience in advance. Your reactivation will be honored.

  • Will Jeff Brown take over Colin Tedards’ recommendations?

Yes. Jeff Brown and his team are undergoing an extensive evaluation of the current portfolio and all recommendations and research made in the last year in Jeff’s absence. They will issue updates on a case-by-case basis, where needed.

  • What will happen to Colin Tedards?

We’re grateful to Colin Tedards and his team for servicing Brownstone Research readers this past year. While he will be moving on from our organization, Colin generously offered us his support during this transition. We wish him our absolute best in his next endeavor.

  • Who will be on Jeff’s team?

We are thrilled to report that Jeff’s team will be returning to Brownstone Research, in addition to some new team members. Loyal Brownstone readers will remember Nick Rokke, Joe Withrow, Hayden Luse, and more. We truly have an exceptional team, and everyone has been eager to get back at it.

  • How will Jeff Brown’s return impact the content and direction of Brownstone?

The look and feel of Brownstone Research will definitely be different than the last 12 months. Readers will see some major improvements in the quality, depth, and breadth of the research. Jeff has been working around the clock since June of last year on research and is full of new ideas and insights on what is happening in the world today. We’re also working on new branding and a new website, so subscribers can expect a new and improved experience at Brownstone Research.

  • Will Jeff continue to cover similar topics or themes as he has in the past, now that he is back? Or is there a shift in focus?

Jeff will continue to share research and analysis on the worlds of high tech, biotech, the markets, and monetary, fiscal, and economic policy. There will, of course, be a strong emphasis on growth markets, which is where he tends to find the most exciting investment opportunities.

Jeff is planning on launching new investment research services that have never been seen before, as well as relaunching some previously successful and popular research services.

As Jeff builds his team, we’ll be able to deliver even more value and breadth than before.

  • How soon will Jeff be providing new products?

While Jeff spent the last year outside of Brownstone Research, he never stopped researching and writing. He is constantly in “build” and “test” mode and always has, at a minimum, two new research products in development. While we can’t provide any specific timelines at the moment, readers can expect one or two new services a year. Jeff is very excited to share what he has been working on, and his subscribers will be the first to know.

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