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Former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari has a talent for finding interesting opportunities for his readers… ones that can provide life-changing gains.

In today’s essay, Teeka shares the insights from his own life that set him on the path to becoming a multimillionaire.

And he wants you to be able to find the same success he’s enjoyed. In fact, Teeka will soon reveal one strategy you can use to profit from one of the biggest investing trends of 2021 – a powerful movement that’s set to mint more multimillionaires over the next six months.

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By Teeka Tiwari, editor, Palm Beach Daily

A lot of you know my story. I came to America with $150 in my pocket.

I had no college degree. No financial expertise. I’m only here today because a single hiring manager at Lehman Brothers believed in me enough to give me a shot at a career on Wall Street.

That one shot was everything for me… and for my family.

And that’s why I became a newsletter editor… because I want to give you the same shot I had to achieve financial freedom.

Today, I want to show you how I came to America with just $150 and became a multimillionaire.

First, I had to set a goal for myself. I had to figure out my “Freedom Number.”

I asked myself, “What is the life I want to lead? Whose lives do I want to impact? How much money would it take for me to get the freedom I’ve always wanted?”

In other words, “How much money do I need to do what I want… with who I want… whenever and wherever I want?”

When you answer those questions, you’ll have your Freedom Number.

But you can’t just end there. Your Freedom Number won’t magically appear in your bank account. You need a strategy to get there.

And most people don’t realize that the wrong strategy can put you in the poorhouse instead of the penthouse. But the right strategy can put you on the path to the penthouse without putting your current lifestyle at risk…

It doesn’t matter what financial position you are in. Anyone can use this strategy.

If you’re struggling financially and are far behind your retirement goals, you can use it to make up for decades of lost ground.

If you’ve enjoyed considerable success in your career… but are still wondering how long your nest egg will last… you can use this strategy to lay those worries to rest, forever.

And if you’re already a multimillionaire, you can use it to take a quantum leap in wealth. That way, you can have an even bigger impact on your community and your family for generations to come.

How to Turn $100 Into $153,000

What I’ve learned is that to create enduring wealth, you need a diversified approach.

First, you find safe, conservative ideas that generate multiple streams of income. Then you put a portion of that safe income into what we call “asymmetric risk” investing.

Symmetric risk is when you invest $100 for a chance to make $100. That’s a 100% return. And those triple-digit returns are rare in the stock market.

But the typical investor makes a very unfair negative asymmetric bet. They put up $100 for the chance to make $10 per year. That’s because the average annual return on the S&P 500 is about 10%.

When you make a negative asymmetric bet, you’re risking way more than what you’re potentially getting in return.

What I do is something very different. I put you in the position to harness the effects of positive asymmetric risk.

With positive asymmetric risk, you put up $100, and you stand to make $153,000.

Now, I didn’t pick that number out of thin air. In 2017, I recommended a tiny crypto in my Palm Beach Confidential newsletter that turned every $100 into as much as $153,000.

That’s not an isolated gain. I’ve given Confidential subscribers the opportunity to make gains as high as 5,250%, 5,761%, and 15,649% in crypto. That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $53,500, $58,610, and $157,490, respectively.

Here’s the beauty of this approach…

Even if you blow all your safe income this year on risky asymmetric bets, 100% of that money gets replenished next year from the dividends and interest of your safe money.

This is the key to getting really rich, really quickly, without ever blowing yourself up.

The Best Asymmetric Bet of 2021

I’m telling you all this today because I believe I’ve found my best stock market asymmetric bet of 2021.

Everyone knows 2020 was the biggest initial public offering (IPO) boom on record. In 2020, more IPOs doubled in their debuts than in any year since the tech boom. But that’s just the top of the first inning…

I believe what’s coming to the IPO market in 2021 could be the greatest stock market wealth-creation opportunity in history.

We’ll see asymmetric opportunities that could potentially turn $100 into $153,000 or even more. But you’ll need to know what type of IPOs to look for.

The first type is what I call the “Hype Hole” IPO. Following this path is like making a negative asymmetric bet. It could take years for you to reach your Freedom Number going down the Hype Hole.

The second type is what I call the “Blueprint” IPO. Following this path is like making a positive asymmetric bet – the type of deal that could turn $100 into $153,000. Following the Blueprint path could potentially help you reach your Freedom Number this year.

Most investors don’t know the difference between these two types of IPOs, so they constantly get lured down the Hype Hole path. And just like it sounds, Hype Hole IPOs can swallow your retirement dreams whole.

So knowing the difference between the Hype Hole IPO path and the Blueprint IPO path can literally have you retired this year versus waiting another 20 years.

That’s the power of the Blueprint IPO path and that’s why on Wednesday, January 27 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m going to give you the exact training you need to instantly tell the difference between these two types of IPO.

Along with my free training, I’ll also unveil how you can get access to my first Blueprint technology IPO. It’s one of the biggest asymmetric opportunities I’ve ever seen.

Shares are priced at just 50¢ each. So with a $500 grubstake, you’d own 1,000 shares.

That’s the power of asymmetric investing. If I’m right about this opportunity, you have the potential to see 10x, 20x, even 100x gains. And if I’m wrong, you only risk a nice steak dinner for you and your spouse.

That’s how you get rich without putting your current lifestyle at risk.

So come join me on Wednesday, January 27, at 8 p.m. ET. And learn how you could potentially reach financial freedom this year regardless of your financial situation.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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