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Why I’m Skeptical of Hydrogen Fuel

The thought of powering our cars, trucks, trains, and even planes with the most abundant element in the universe sounds like the solution to greatly reducing global carbon emissions. After all, its only byproduct is water when used.

Inflation Will Be a Years-Long Battle

In the summer and fall of 2021, many investors learned a new term: “transitory inflation.” The term was trotted out again and again by the Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, to explain away the alarming rise in consumer prices. Powell’s argument—in essence—was that inflation was simply a result of supply chain constraints which, in turn, were caused by the lockdown...

Is a CBDC Even Constitutional?

In this mailbag edition, Jeff shares his thoughts on an early-stage company he hasn’t recommended despite the company’s focus on an exciting sector. Readers also want to know if Jeff believes a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is constitutional and what the difference is between an exchange, a broker, and an alternative trading system (ATS).

The Emerging Digital Town Hall

The more interesting shift at play here is that a presidential candidate chose to launch their campaign on a digital town hall as opposed to a more traditional broadcast medium. The reality is that trust in mass media and journalists who work at mass media outlets is at all time lows. All of the big players are suffering because...

Meta’s Record Privacy Fine

It’s an impressive fine. In fact, it’s the largest privacy fine issued by the European Union in history. Meta now has five months to “suspend any future transfer of personal data to the U.S.”

The Battle for 6G Has Begun

It may still feel early to raise the subject of what comes next – 6G. That’s natural considering that 5G is still a work in process. But new wireless technology has consistently been rolled out every decade… and a large battle is already brewing between China and the U.S./Europe over 6G.

A New Style of Investing is Required for This Market

Put even more simply, a paradigm is the set of “rules” that govern our perception of reality. It’s our beliefs, our framework for understanding the universe. To borrow a phrase from the writer Ben Hunt, it’s the “common knowledge,” the things that everybody knows that everybody knows.