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Consequences of a Military Conflict with China

China, of course, still wants the economic benefit of the West purchasing its manufactured goods and having access to Western technology that it can appropriate for its own benefit… while at the same time working to weaken the United States however it can.

Pfizer and “Directed Evolution”

A Pfizer executive caught on tape bragging about what's now called "Directed Evolution" is proof that we're all being played. It seems that Big Pharma sees big money in accelerating the evolution of viruses, mutating them to make them exactly the way they want it. The long-term implications of this for everyone else in America could be enormous...

Breaking Down the Tech Behind Starlink

As of late 2022, Starlink had just over 3,200 satellites in orbit. And Starlink plans to eventually have as many as 42,000 satellites in their constellation. But even with just 3,200 satellites, it’s a truly amazing feat.