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Why I Focus on Nuclear Fusion Over Fission

Nuclear fission is one of the few technologies that could get the world off fossil fuels for good. But with so many obstacles preventing mass adoption in the Western world, it’s still a hard sell. Nuclear fusion, on the other hand, could potentially put the world on a path to clean energy… all without the political issues that plague...

Google Asks Users to Train Its AI for Free

Regular readers know I’m not a fan of Google’s business practices. The company always claims that it has noble intentions even though its bottom line is driven by mining user data. And now Google has found a way to make its customers work for it without pay…

JPMorgan Launches New Crypto for Cross-Border Transactions

JPMorgan quietly launched its own digital currency called the JPM Coin while we were all distracted by the election. The banking giant claims it will make it easier to transmit wholesale payments across borders… but it remains to be seen whether this stodgy incumbent can catch up with the biggest players in the crypto space.