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The Two Surprising Investments Warren Buffett Is Making

Buffett once compared buying hyped-up IPOs to trying to win lotteries. But since then, he’s gone on a pre-IPO shopping spree. The problem with private equity is unless, you’re already rich or exceedingly well connected like Warren Buffett, it’s difficult to get in. But I have something to tell you…

Why You Won’t Like My Market Crash Advice

When markets get volatile, investors often write in, biting their nails about a potential market crash. Where can we safely store our money to avoid the worst pain? Today, I’d like to tackle that question. The thing is… I bet you won’t like my answer.

How We Can Make Decentralized 5G a Reality

This week, I wrote about the blockchain-powered FreedomFi network offering decentralized 5G. I asked whether readers would be interested in participating in the build-out of this exciting new project… and the floodgates opened in response.