Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge is the only free newsletter that features tech investing expert, Jeff Brown. With nearly 30 years of experience as a high-technology executive, Jeff’s insights into the world of tech investing are unrivaled.

The “Dirty Sock” Approach to Trading

Jeff Clark is set to reveal what he believes is the most reliable strategy of his career… A “strange market phenomenon” he’s calling the 44-Day Retirement Accelerator. During testing, he had a 95% win rate, doubling his money in 45 minutes… and believes you can do the same…

Dr. Robert Malone Was Unfairly Deplatformed

Dr. Robert Malone, the “father of mRNA vaccines,” is exactly the kind of person we’d like to hear from during a pandemic. However, he has been censored, banned, and deplatformed. Jeff Brown had the pleasure recently to spend time with him, and Dr. Malone has key points that need to be heard…

Do This Now, Thank Me Later

Today Jason shares about what he’s doing with a forgotten cash savings account he’s recently just rediscovered he had for his boys. He explains the biggest mistake he made with it, what he’s doing going forward, and what we can do to not make the same mistake. Here’s what happened…

Do You Want to Live Forever on a Blockchain?

One metaverse company is offering users the ability to connect with deceased loved ones using AI-enabled avatars. Jeff Brown suspects that many will be on board with this feature… while many others will find it disturbing. And this begs the question – is an AI “afterlife” healthy for our wellbeing?