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IPOs Continue to Suffer in 2023

In the U.S., there were only 29 IPOs that raised just $2.3 billion, only eight of which raised $100 million or more. And there was an insignificant level of activity with SPAC IPOs as well. Only 11 raised just $797 million in the quarter.

The Rush to Find Rare Earth Metals… in Space

Given the current geopolitical tensions, it is easy to see how urgent this matter has become. Some asteroids are believed to contain rare earth metals in extremely high concentrations never seen before on Earth. There are now even companies like AstroForge with a singular purpose to unearth these metals and bring them back home. This is literally the future...

The Restrict Act is Not What it Seems

The app capturing the country like a drug is so powerful its users tend not to care what the company is doing behind the curtain… but what the government plans to do about it will confer wide reaching and frightening powers that should make anyone shiver.

Jeff Clark Discusses Trading Through Volatile Markets

It’s a volatile time for markets. But if anyone knows how to thrive in times of chaos, it’s our colleague Jeff Clark. Jeff has been a professional trader for more than three decades. He’s traded—and profited—through some of the worst markets in recent history, including the 2008 crisis. Today, he shares what he’s learned, and how investors can spot...