Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge is the only free newsletter that features tech investing expert, Jeff Brown. With nearly 30 years of experience as a high-technology executive, Jeff’s insights into the world of tech investing are unrivaled.

The GameFi Revolution Is Here

Over the last several months, Jeff has been researching an emerging investment trend that has the potential to disrupt the entire video game industry… and spark the mass migration of users to blockchain networks in the coming years.

Here’s Why the Fed Will Have to Reverse Course

It's easy for us to get caught up in the panic-driven headlines around the volatility in the stock market. And with the Fed's aggressive campaign to bring down official inflation readings, Jeff Brown knows many of us are wondering what's next. We’ve seen this before… and the actions reflect a pattern we've seen play out in the past.

How to Evaluate Private Deals

Jeff Brown's years as an angel investor have shown him how to spot the best private deals on the market. In today’s mailbag, he lets readers know what to look for and understand when considering private investments.