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A New Strategy for This Volatile Market

With the potential for more aggressive interest-rate hikes and rising inflation, it makes sense to approach this market with caution. So where should investors turn next? Jeff Brown has a unique strategy to propose – one that he has never shared before – that he calls “mandated money.”

“Real” Inflation Is Much Higher Than the CPI

Volatility is scaring investors away from potentially groundbreaking investments, so where should we turn next? Jeff Brown has been following a singular trend that’s allowing investors to invest in the most exciting private companies – before they go public… what he likes to call “Mandated Money” deals.

How to Invest Like a Contrarian

While the stock market remains volatile, investors are on the hunt for any kind of “safe” investment they can find. That’s why Jeff Brown has been researching one class of unique private deals that allow cautious investors to protect their capital over time…