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SpaceX Ignites the Aerospace Industry

The number of successful launches that SpaceX completed last year shows just how dominant the company has become in the aerospace industry – and how it’s “igniting” the modern space race that started back in 2019.

Jeff Brown’s Foray into Spirits Investing

And of course, there was a wide range of Japanese whisky available as well. Japan is known for mastering blended whisky with remarkably smooth tastes. They’re fantastic, but I have always been drawn to the distinct flavors presented by single malts.

Generative AI and the Importance of Independent Thought

Many of us are literally losing the ability, or the patience, to read and comprehend long-form content and information. To the point that you made, society has largely become so reactionary, unable to slow their thinking, absorb and question information, and view it in a calm, rational way.