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Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research. Before founding Brownstone Research, Jeff spent 25 years as a high-technology executive. He worked as an executive level for some of the best technology companies in the world, like Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

As an active and successful angel investor in early stage technology companies, he has access to information the public never sees. He is on the front line, in the field, seeing things months, if not years, before the mass market becomes aware.

Jeff has a wide range of technology industry experience. From semiconductors to mobility… to broadcasting and video technology… to technology infrastructure… to IT networking and security… to automotive and even consumer electronics… he’s done it all.

He has built organizations from the ground up and run divisions of companies generating hundreds of millions in revenue a year.

Though he was born, educated, and began his career in America, he spent two decades living and working in international markets, with much of that time spent in Tokyo, Japan. That gives him a unique global perspective on business, investing, and analysis.

Jeff earned his undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University. He also earned his master’s degree in management from the London Business School. Jeff is also an alumnus of Yale University’s School of Management.

In addition to formal degrees, Jeff has professional certificates from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley’s School of Law, and the National University of Singapore.

Jeff is an active board member and adviser to several companies and an active angel investor.

Today, Jeff uses his technology, business, finance, and investing expertise to help everyday investors discover companies on the verge of exponential growth.

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